Saratoga Magician Steven Brundage Goes Viral With Kobe Bryant Video

This guy’s career has literally been built almost entirely out of Rubik’s Cubes. As you might remember, one-time Saratoga Springs street magician, Steven Brundage, who made it all the way to the semifinals on America’s Got Talent and has been featured on Good Morning America and Today, first made a viral splash on YouTube with a video of him getting out of a traffic ticket by doing a Rubik’s Cube-related trick for the cops that pulled him over. Many of Brundage’s tricks, including some that he did on America’s Got Talent, feature Rubik’s Cubes; you might’ve caught Brundage building a life-like visage of Robert Downey, Jr./Tony Stark last summer outside of saratoga living headquarters in Downtown Saratoga, the week that Avengers: Endgame came out (if you’re wondering, we had nothing to do with his appearance; it was all a wonderful coincidence).


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Now, Brundage has truly one-upped himself—in honor of a fallen hero (and for a good cause). In a video he originally posted to his Instagram page, which has now gone mega-viral, Brundage is seen creating the visage of late Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, in time-lapse, out of 814 Rubik’s cubes. (The video’s been picked up and reposted by major media outlets, including ESPN, the New York Post and Forbes, among countless others.)

Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash on January 26. Ever since, there’s been a daily memorial to the National Basketball Association player on social media.

Brundage has since posted that he wants to auction off the Rubik’s Cube-made Bryant visage to help raise funds for the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation.


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