Panel: Saratogians Weigh in on the Movies, TV Shows, Books and Games Getting Them Through COVID

We polled three Saratogians—Peter McPherson, board game designer and book reviewer, Dawn Oesch, Home Made Theater’s artistic coordinator and owner of the Saratoga Candy Co. and Chris Morrow, owner of Northshire Bookstore—on the films, TV shows, books and games that are helping them get through the pandemic. Here’s what they told us.

Peter McPherson

Peter McPherson

Board game designer and book reviewer

Movie: Knives Out
This lighthearted mystery is a joy to watch, and it’s only gotten better with
each viewing.

TV: The Great British Baking Show
I always feel like the contestants are my friends by the end of each season.

Book: Rhythm of War
By Brandon Sanderson
This epic fantasy tome makes for a great escape to another world.

Game: New York Zoo
This satisfying puzzle of filling enclosures with animals is relaxing and cozy on winter days.

Dawn Oesch

Artistic coordinator, Home Made Theater; owner, Saratoga Candy Co.

Movie: Ready or Not
This comedy-horror movie is thrilling, quick-witted and funny as well. It’s a great (albeit a bit gory) break from reality.

TV: Breaking Bad
I rewatched my favorite show during quarantine. There’s something to be said about staying in your comfort zone when things around you are hectic.

Book: Rogues
This collection of short stories by various authors (including Gillian Flynn and George R.R. Martin) kept my attention when I needed to be socially distant from others.

Game: Clue
Clue is my go-to game-night favorite and has been perfect for the winter lockdown.

Chris Morrow

Owner, Northshire Bookstore

Movie: Basquiat
A great depiction of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat’s journey and the struggles of
fame and fortune. Being human is messy.

TV: The Mandalorian
Baby Yoda…what else is there to say?

Book: Zorba the Greek
By Nikos Kazantzakis
I had to go back to a classic, and Zorba is all about one’s zest for life. This comedy-horror thriller is quick-witted and funny as well.

Game: Saratoga Springs Monopoly
I had to try to buy the bookstore…

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