Saving Face Barbershop: A Cut Above the Rest

It’s common knowledge that only the strongest barbershops survive in the Saratoga market—and Saving Face Barbershop’s co-owner Jeremiah Cregan, is well aware of that fact and ready to rise above it. “There is no shortage of great barbers in Saratoga,” he says. “But we’re lucky enough to have some of the best barbers around on our team.” “I chose Saratoga, because it is so different and unique from other cities in New York. It’s also rich with history and the barber profession. I thought Saratoga would be an awesome fit for the barbershop.” It turns out Cregan’s been spot on. 

At Saving Face, it’s not just about all the amazing haircuts, shaves, beard trims and facial treatments the barbershop offers its customers, young and old. “Saving Face is always trying to better the community,” says Cregan. “I believe every business has a duty to give back to a community that gathers daily in their business.” Take its grand opening, for instance, when it provided locals with a full day of free haircuts, and its barbers donated all their tips to Saratoga Bridges. The barbershop has also sponsored a local little league team. 

Saving Face is also in the community-building business, too. “We have a tight-knit community at our shop,” says Cregan. “A lot of people will stop in just to say hello or see how things are going that day. I feel extremely grateful that we’ve been able to build a solid foundation and offer a place where people feel comfortable coming into our business. We are focused on being family friendly.” 

Of course, you can’t build a community unless you have customers that keep coming back, and that hasn’t been a problem for Saving Face. “We try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, from the moment you walk in ’til the moment you walk out,” Cregan says. “You can count on getting your haircut from a barber who takes their craft seriously and wants to showcase their work to the best of their ability.” 

Cregan’s just being modest; Saving Face is unquestionably a cut above the rest in Saratoga.                            

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