Former Train Member Scott Underwood, a Saratoga Native, Launches GoFundMe for California Women’s Organization

Saratoga Springs native Scott Underwood knows a thing or two about giving back. As the former drummer of Grammy-winning alternative rock band Train—they of “Drops of Jupiter” mega-fame—he helped launch the band’s successful wine brands, which raised thousands of dollars for the San Francisco–area Family House. (The band also worked with nonprofits such as the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, HomeAid and Operation Homefront, among others.) Even though he’s been out of the band for several years now, Underwood is still up to his old do-gooding tricks.

Underwood’s latest charitable endeavor came about by accident—though having grown up around the well-preserved historic buildings of the Spa City, it makes total sense. Underwood, who now calls Corona, CA, home, had been regularly walking past one of the city’s oldest buildings, the 108-year-old clubhouse for the 122-year-old Woman’s Improvement Club of Corona’s (WICC), and just took a shine to it. “In the middle of this town is this beautiful, classic California Craftsman building,” he says, “and I love Craftsman bungalows. It’s just got that great Southern California vibe.” Underwood eventually contacted the club, out of sheer interest, and inquired about the state of the clubhouse’s roof, which appeared to be in disrepair. The members told him that they had attempted to raise funds to fix it but ultimately didn’t garner enough money to afford the repairs.

So Underwood decided to take matters into his own hands. He’s launched a GoFundMe page, with the goal of raising $25,000 for the repairs (at press time, he’s already raised over $1,000). Underwood is quick to mention that the clubhouse isn’t just used by WICC; it hosts weekly community meetings and support groups, as well as biweekly church services.

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