Skidmore Suspends Rest Of Semester; Students To Work Remotely (Updated)

The coronavirus outbreak is continuing to cause great concern nationwide, with 1,215 confirmed cases over 43 states, including the District of Columbia (36 people have lost their life). And Skidmore College is taking no chances. The college initially decided to suspend students’ return to campus from spring break until Sunday, March 22, but now, according to sources, the college has suspended their return for the entire rest of the semester. Students will have to return to campus next week, retrieve their belongings and leave. While there are currently no known cases on the Skidmore campus itself, two cases of COVID-19 were recently confirmed in Saratoga County.

“As always, the health and safety of all members of our community are our highest priorities,” said Skidmore’s President Philip A. Glotzbach in a release sent out on March 9. “We strive to make decisions that are informed by science, public health principles and compassion, along with a commitment to access and equity for all members of our community.” Students were originally expected to be back on campus one week earlier—on Sunday, March 15.

As of data collected on March 11, 216 cases have been confirmed in New York State alone, according to the New York State Department of Health. On March 7, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency.

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