5 Stunningly Spring Looks From Snider Fashion

Stepping into Staci Snider’s Saratoga clothing shop makes you feel like you’ve been transported directly from Congress Street to the heart of Paris or Milan. The designer’s innovative, bold and dynamic pieces are raising the bar for Saratoga fashion: Each design decision is calculated with a powerful purpose to create looks made specifically for the strong and confident women who wear them.

Drawing inspiration from the late Iraqi-British architect and trailblazer Zaha Hadid for her Spring 2021 collection, Snider has brought to life pieces as remarkable as Hadid’s own building designs. “The color story this season represents the opposing elements of fire and ice, while the designs communicate a fluidity of form and function,” Snider tells me. These two pieces are perfect examples of how to bring a rebellious yet refined approach to your spring wardrobe.

Pastels and florals are simple sure bets for spring…but why be simple when you can be stunning.                         

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