Spring Into A New Skincare Routine

Studies have shown that people are generally happier in the springtime. Not only do we feel better as the snow begins to melt and the weather grows warmer, but we also want to look better as we come out of our winter hibernation. Of course, this spring is an exception, as most of us are cooped up in our homes—and not feeling all that happy—as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. One way you can bring positivity into your life right now is by taking a little bit more time to focus on you. Let’s start with some skincare, shall we? Thanks to groundbreaking advances in the skincare industry, many products are going organic, making them safer for our bodies. So…hop on the bandwagon, social distancers: We’re off on an in-home, vitamin-rich skincare product ride. 

Heavyweight HydroPeptide continues to hit the market with unique skincare firsts. Its HydraFlora Probiotic Toner Essence is a pre- and probiotic microflora balancer that refines pores with coconut water and Blue Agave. Follow it up with the brand’s LumaPro-C Face Serum (the “C,” if you couldn’t tell, stands for Vitamin C!), and finish with its NimNi Day Cream. This luxe finisher is ahead of the trend, as it restores fullness and volume to skin and promotes collagen production. The best part? Each of these is effective—you can see the results. For more info, visit hydropeptide.com.

One of the early gamechangers (although admittedly, I was late to the party) in probiotic skin science was Columbia Skincare. The combined validation of doctors and skincare professionals should have sold me on the brand eons ago, but I’m here now and can tell you: I was sold from the very first application of the Probiotic Concentrate Serum and Probiotic Complex Cream. Columbia Skincare is the definition of safe, accelerated skin renewal. For more info, visit fcsturtevantcompany.com.  

Want to be so next year, right now? Here’s some self-care to get you there. KÖVO Essentials’ plant-based CBD + Probiotic skincare line is made with Bakuchiol, a rarified (green) retinol alternative. With KÖVO’s Facial Serum and Toner Mist, you can almost skirt a cream application. Collagen, combined with peptides and broad-spectrum CBD oil, means non-GMO beauty. Score! For more info, visit kovoessentials.com.

One of my new favorites in the “glass skin” innovation arena is Vitabrid C¹², which, to kick off its massive US launch, is offering enormous online price savings. I’d first check out the Facial Boosting Water; it gets the skincare party started with powerful peptides and hyaluronic acid to boost the power of all that follows. But the hero product is Dual Drop Serum, a blend of stabilized Vitamin C and peptides that address aging, skin tone, firmness and hydration, all at once. The Eye & Face Cream is something else I find to be a revelation. It has all of the above potency in an all-in-one product. And the Daily-C Balancing Cleansing Balm is an addicting, water-activated C-infusion cleanser. For more info, visit vitabrid.com.

Over 40? Circadia by Dr. Peter T. Pugliese is used by many med-spa heavyweights, doctors and reputable estheticians, and has an amazing following of dedicated believers with gorgeous skin. The Vitamin A Boosting Cream treats dull, rough, heavily keratinized or sun-damaged skin, rewinding damage gently. Circadia is advanced professional skincare and many of the pro series serums should be used in unison with HydraFacial systems. I’d highly recommend seeking out the company’s Oxygen Rx Facial System treatment services. For more info, visit circadia.com.

Speaking of sun damage, get out in front of it with an SPF that does more than provide protection. My favorites? NEOVA SmartSkinCare’s DNA Damage Control Everyday Broad-Spectrum SPF 44 (neova.com), Clarins’ UV PLUS Anti-Pollution Sunscreen SPF 50 (clarinsusa.com) and Saian’s Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 (saian.net). You can also check out CōTz, which has a deluxe silk powder finish, and Amarte’s Ultra Veil SPF 50+ (amarteskincare.com). 

I do hope the COVID-19 pandemic is over and done with in time for us to enjoy at least a little bit of the spring season. But whenever we reach the other side of this, we’ll be ready to greet the world with smooth, healthy and radiant skin.


Moisturizing Is A Man’s Best Friend
Exploring the skincare products you didn’t know you needed.

There are many young men who use bar soap, speed shave and don’t moisturize. And their skin looks good—great even. Well, wait ’til their skin stops producing collagen and starts resembling a Shar-Pei’s before they turn 40. Sorry, not sorry.

Skincare not your thing? The person staring back at you in the mirror in 10 years may beg to differ. Lab Series Skincare for Men is backed up by real science and will ensure you look good when the big 4-0 arrives. If you use only one of the brand’s products, consider Rescue Water Lotion. It’s truly a gamechanger. After washing or shaving, it closes your pores and calms your skin, while Hydra2G technology attracts and binds water to your skin.

Ready to man up and go all in? Future Rescue Repair Serum’s potent ingredients promote your skin’s natural collagen production. And for those dealing with skin damage already, Maxellence Dual Concentrate’s powerful Meteorite Extract revives the old you. Visit labseries.com for more info.

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