Submit Your Artwork For A Chance To Be Featured At The Hyde Collection

Ever dreamt of having your artwork displayed in a renowned art museum? Now’s your chance, thanks to The Hyde Collection‘s first-ever Hyde Creative Challenge.

The challenge, which is going on now through May 3, invites creatives to submit original works of art inspired by abstract expressionist painter Grace Hartigan’s painting, “White,” which is currently on view in The Hyde’s Feibes and Schmitt Collection (though the museum is currently closed due to COVID-19, this collection also lives online). Participants are welcome to use any medium to complete the challenge, including visual arts, literature, music and dance, and those selected will appear on The Hyde Collection’s social media pages. What’s more, select works may be chosen for display on The Hyde Collection’s walls once the museum reopens.

To participate, simply join and post your artwork in The Hyde Collection Facebook group, or tag The Hyde in a post made to your own Instagram or Facebook page (@hydecollection on Instagram and @TheHydeCollection on Facebook) with the hashtag #HydeCreativeChallenge. All submissions must be posted by May 3 in order to be considered for the challenge.

Before you get started, be sure to view Grace Hartigan’s “White” on The Hyde Collection’s website for inspiration. While you’re there, you can also virtually browse the museum’s extensive collection of works. Additionally, check out a video by Hyde Collection Curator of Education Jenny Hutchinson that introduces the Hyde Creative Challenge and Grace Hartigan’s work.

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