Sue Casa is Bringing Home Organization to Saratoga and Beyond

Time to fess up: Did anyone not go on a manic home organization binge after watching at least some clips from Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? Whether you did or didn’t, that was three years ago now (holy COVID time warp—how was that three years ago?!), so you’ve probably reverted back to all your disorganized ways. You may even have items in your home that don’t—gasp—spark joy. That’s where organization and styling service Sue Casa comes in.

“Sue Casa was an Instagram handle that I grabbed a few years ago,” says Saratoga Lake resident Sue Lepkowski. “I wanted it to focus on the decorating and organization of our new home.” Shortly after creating her @thesuecasa account, though, Lepkowski got pregnant, and her focus shifted. It wasn’t until after the birth of her second child that she decided to go all in on an organization and styling business. This spring, Sue Casa began offering in-person and virtual consultations and transformations for any space in a home, from a closet or pantry overhaul to an entryway facelift. 

The main barrier to having an organized house, Lepkowski says, is “too much stuff and too little time.” She continues: “Everyone is busy, whether it’s with kids, work, a social life—and organizing takes time. That’s where Sue Casa comes in: I’m able to take the daunting task off your to-do list and set you up with a maintainable system moving forward. It’s a big task to take on yourself.” 

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