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‘Anomaly’ Puts the Capital Region’s Film Scene in the Spotlight

Move over, Hollywood. Many filmmakers have a new cinema hotspot they’re hitting up these days: Saratoga Springs. “I’ve found that the Capital Region public really values art and wants to see it thrive,” says Spencer Sherry, a local filmmaker and producer from Laurens (near Cooperstown). “The generosity and excitement for the work is invaluable, and it’s the sort of support that doesn’t really exist...

MVP: Lorna Chavez is Enjoying the Ride

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting exercise rider Lorna Chavez, chances are you haven’t spent much time on the Saratoga backstretch.  “She knows everybody and everybody knows who she is,” says fellow rider Caroline Nally. “Even the spectators know her.” Part of the reason for Chavez’s celebrity is that she never misses an opportunity to tell someone “Good morning” or ask “How are you,...

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