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The Wild Horse Opening on Caroline Street

For the last few summers, Dango’s has been one of the hottest late-night bars in Saratoga, with the line to get in often stretching down Caroline Street late into the evening. Its regular live music, shoulder-to-shoulder crowd and multiple bars made it quite literally the place to be in “the summer place to be.” And it just got even better. Last year, Dango’s was purchased...

Joel Rosario: Making All The Right Moves

Joel Rosario will never forget his first visit to Saratoga Race Course. In August 2010, the young jockey arrived at the Spa to ride Blind Luck in the historic Alabama Stakes in a race that would turn out to be one of the most memorable editions of the filly classic ever. Rosario, 25 at the time and emerging as the dominant jockey on the...

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