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See Historic Saratoga Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

If you spent any amount of time perusing the Capital Region’s small corner of Facebook this past winter, there’s a good chance you came across the work of photographer John Bulmer. But while the Mechanicville resident is certainly skilled behind a camera, it’s the work he’s done in front of a computer that’s gone local-viral. In his free time, Bulmer has taken up the fine...

Breaking Trail: How Saratoga’s Very First Community Forest Came to be

When you walk—or run or snowshoe or mountain bike—through Saratoga County’s new Graphite Range Community Forest, it seems like the trail system has been there forever. That’s because Steve Ovitt designed it that way. Ovitt, a retired DEC forest ranger living in Warren County, is the owner of outdoor recreation development firm Wilderness Property Management (WPM), which plans, designs and constructs trail systems all across...

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