Two Piper Boutique Sundresses to Get You Pumped up for Spring

The second I saw these two flirty sundresses at Piper Boutique, I had a one-track mind: brunch goals. There’s nothing quite like getting all dolled up to chow down on a bougie Broadway brunch after the weather turns warm, and letting the mid-morning slip away into Bellini-fueled oblivion. I’d choose the cream-colored babydoll dress for a Sunday morning Max London’s soirée—accessorize with a simple short heel and gold jewelry; and the slightly sexier, springier floral number for see-and-be-seen Morrissey’s. Be sure to snap a pic in the Adelphi’s Insta-worthy glass atrium: This dress deserves to bask in all the natural springtime light it can get. Oh, wait—I forgot about Boca Bistro’s brunch. Another dress, another day…

—Heather Thompson

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