150 Words on the 150th Anniversary of Universal Preservation Hall

Since it was built in 1871, Universal Preservation Hall (UPH) has housed two congregations, welcomed speakers such as Frederick Douglass, and hosted performers such as Rosanne Cash. But in 150 years, UPH has also endured a lot, having survived two world wars, the Great Depression, a mid-century downturn in Saratoga’s economy, the 2008 recession, a fire, condemnation and, currently, a global pandemic.

It’s no surprise to me that despite all that, UPH is alive, well and looking forward to a birthday celebration and Grand Opening 2.0 later this year. Why? Because people care about this historic building in the heart of Downtown Saratoga. They recognize the positive energy contained within its walls, and over the years, have helped ensure its survival, transforming UPH time and time again.

A building on its own can’t be resilient, but the community that loves it can be. Thank you, Saratoga, and happy 150th, UPH!  

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