Upstate Indie Filmmakers To Be Highlighted On WMHT’s 11th Season Of TvFILM

Pop some popcorn in the microwave, Saratoga. WMHT Public Media, Eastern New York’s Public Broadcasting Service, has announced the lineup for its annual, summer indie film series TvFILM, which airs cinematic shorts (no more than 22 minutes apiece) produced by independent filmmakers in the Capital Region and beyond. This year’s lineup will include seven all-new episodes, showcasing 15 original works by 16 filmmakers from across Upstate New York and Massachusetts. On the roster are filmmakers from right here in the Capital Region, including one Saratoga County director, Mechanicville native Bobby Chase, as well as artists from Syracuse and Woodstock.

“What’s most exciting this year is that we had a bunch of new filmmakers we hadn’t seen before,” says Zeke Kubisch, Lead Content Producer at WMHT, which is headquartered in Troy. “On top of that, we had more female filmmakers submit this year than ever before.” Five women directors made it on TvFILM’s 2019 lineup. Also, in order to spice things up for its 11th season, the indie film series has updated its look with new graphics and effects.

As for which films to look out for this year, Kubisch says he truly can’t pick a favorite. “I don’t want to single out just one, because they’re all very good and very different,” he says. “We have films from really every genre.” To that point, expect everything from mini-documentaries to dramatic short films (as well as some horror shorts) and even an animated piece about skating through Downtown Albany. “It’s wonderful to see that filmmakers are continuing to make great work in this area, and that there’s been such interest in this program for 11 seasons now,” says Kubisch.

The new season will kick off this Sunday, June 30 and air every Sunday at 5pm until August 11. Audiences can catch the series on WHMT Media as well as online. Check out the full schedule with film descriptions below.

June 30
Oak Bones by Lindsay Corriveau – A woman carved from oak and brought to life by a possessive craftsman falls in love with a street performer.

The Cabinet by Victoria Diana – A haunted cabinet awaits its victims on the side of the road.

July 7
The Hill by Jordan McClendon – An animated film that depicts a fun, downhill skate through Downtown Albany starting at the Capitol Building.

Museum by Joe Gietl – In a museum that won’t let him leave, a man struggles to confront violent, intrusive thoughts about his wife.

July 14
Matt by John Lyden – A documentary that follows the difficult journey of 22-year-old Matt Bissett after he’s diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor that grows in his bones.

Sudden by Charity Buckbee – A lonely home health aide befriends a patient with Alzheimer’s.

July 21
Bridge For Seniors by Shirlee Alkosser and Kashka Glowacka – Eight eccentric seniors transform one another’s lives as they meet each week to play bridge.

Diana’s Revenge by Morgan Wright – Diana wants to go out and enjoy a snow day, but there’s something standing in her way: her grandmother.

July 28
Movere by Marty Hardin – An experimental film that expresses a story of movement through mixing interesting stock imagery with shapes.

Fortune Smiles by Sean Cranston – A couple enjoying a ski trip in Massachusetts receive a phone call that could very well ruin their vacation.

August 4
Well by Jim and Steve Powers – After awaking bloodied in the snow, a man struggles to recall what happened to him.

Lunch by Aden Suchak – A short documentary about spending time with one’s grandmother and the heritage and value of cooking traditional meals.

August 11
Viola by Charles Sweeney – On an isolated beach, an elderly birdwatcher encounters a mysterious figure from his past.

Jacob by Bobby Chase – Based on a true story, a young man searches for meaning in the wake of his brother’s suicide.

Meant to Burn Together by Morgan Wright – A fun, experimental film created using claymation models and, yes, a little bit of fire.

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