New Wedding Venue The Barn at Hansen Hill Open for Biz

Hansen Hill is a historic property-turned-wedding venue that began booking weddings in 2021, this one with a country-chic bent. “My goal was always to keep the farm in the family,” says Norman Hansen, Hansen Hill’s current owner. “It’s a fifth-generation farm that was established in 1908. Today, we operate as both The Barn at Hansen Hill, the venue, and as a 200-acre hay farm supplying hay for horses, sheep and other livestock.”

So how, exactly, did a 100-year-old hay farm in Johnsonville come to offer elegant country weddings for up to 300 guests? It took a friend in the catering business to open Hansen’s eyes to the bridal gold mine he was sitting on. But once he had the idea to turn his property into a wedding venue, Hansen dove head-first into building a nearly-6,000-square-foot barn, finishing up construction in spring 2021. “Thankfully, the pandemic didn’t affect us at all,” he says. “We were building during the worst part of it”—i.e. before lumber prices shot through the roof last year—“and were able to open in tandem with much of the world opening back up.”

The Barn at Hansen Hill was also able to open up in a way that has made couples concerned about COVID feel safe. “You can get married outside overlooking the rolling hills with a mountainous backdrop or inside our spacious barn,” Hansen says of his social distancing-friendly venue with customizable packages. “If you want to ride in on a horse and buggy, come by hot air balloon, or put on a spectacular fireworks show, we can make it all happen.”

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