Wellness Road Trip: Yoga Vida Farms In The Hudson Valley

The 64-acre estate offers guests everything from yoga and meditation sessions to farm-to-table meals.

Whether it be as a yoga aficionado and wellness-seeking, "where do I begin?" type, or as a global, ashram-loving, Pilates guru—Yoga Vida Farms is for you. (Yoga Vida Farms)

When Yoga Vida Farms extended saratoga living an introduction to its all-in-one, self-contained 64-acre estate in the Hudson Valley, of course we jumped at the chance to cover it. Your retreat here will almost assuredly be a turning point or even a life reset. Whether it be as a yoga aficionado and wellness-seeking, “where do I begin?” type, or as a global, ashram-loving, Pilates guru—Yoga Vida Farms is for you.

And if you’re a farm-to-table foodie who likes to walk, trail, bike, swim or mingle in a game room, then likely you, too, will find it thrilling. Did I mention chef prepared meals sourced from acres of immaculate, self-contained gardens and locally-derived products that can accommodate any palette or dietary restriction?

Yoga Vida is no newcomer to the wellness space. It’s kind of the Studio 54 of New York City yoga, with jam-packed classes of up to 60 people per class in four different locations (five if you’re counting Yoga Vida Farms). And being just two hours south of Saratoga Springs in Wawarsing, NY, it’s a quick drive, train ride or group minivan excursion that’s well worth this wellness road trip.

Yoga Vida Farms offers its guests chef-prepared, farm-to-table meals. (Yoga Vida Farms)

Trust me: If something is missing from your life or you know you want to take an unknown fork in the road, then real yoga and meditation always brings an “a-ha” moment. Monumental for some, merely noticeable for others, yoga always brings in positivity and possibility. Ultimately, there are two things in this life we can’t live without, literally: water and oxygen. The latter being the central part of healing your mind and body via breathing during yoga and meditation. I originally started yoga to merely stay limber, as 50-ish is the new 30-something. While youth and longevity via smart wellness choices are definitely the new black.

But who wants to feel “captured” on a quasi-remote, trippy-dippy estate once your yoga class, wellness introduction, massage or acupuncture is over? You do! Honestly, the hotel feels like a movie star’s enormous entertainment compound with rich, modern, minimal design. The estate has many hidden gems. Knowing the staircase and handrails were imported from the original Plaza Hotel in Manhattan grounds the property’s design aesthetic, should you need remote convincing. Outside of the gym or hot yoga, I really don’t enjoy sweating. And you won’t either, as the structure was rebuilt as a temperature-controlled, air-sealed fortress with impressive ensuite bathrooms—another non-negotiable criteria for me. While the overall scale lets you spread out, the beds and linens are new and the handmade boutique toiletries are superb.

Most importantly, the staff walks the talk without judgement. This seems to be their credo. They’re all impossibly kind, helpful and humble—and expertly trained. They want to help you find your best (new) self or be there to serve if you’ve already turned that corner. The pool is amazing, as is the spring-fed pond for dipping. Aside from all-around yoga and wellness, Yoga Vida Farms isn’t asking you to be in a stringent, full-detox mode. The attitude throughout by everyone is exceedingly tolerant, coupled with the wine and aperitif packages and fireside sweet treats makes for a happy road trip indeed. I can’t wait to go back because Yoga Vida Farms lets us be our everything-in-moderation selves in full discovery. Namaste.

Marco Medrano

Marco Medrano is Luxury Editor at saratoga living. As a beauty expert, Medrano is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and was previously Beauty/Spa/Travel Editor at ELLIMAN, Now It Counts and HudsonMOD.


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