What Is ‘Saratoga’? Saratoga Springs Featured As An Answer On ‘Jeopardy!’

It turns out that “Saratoga” has a $400 value…on the popular gameshow, Jeopardy!, that is. On the December 10, 2018 telecast of the show, in a category entitled “Springs,” the $400 answer—i.e. the second easiest answer—read “A Thoroughbred race track is located in this N.Y. ‘Springs’ city near Revolutionary War battle sites.” (There’s nothing like listening to Alex Trebek read a short blurb about your hometown on national TV, let me tell you.) Contestant Staci Huffman, a certified public accountant from Nine Mile Falls, WA, responded with the correct question just before the familiar buzzer marking the end of the first round of play. She ultimately ended up losing the game, but she won big in our eyes. Great job, Staci! Props for knowing your Upstate New York cities.

Watch the full sequence below.

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