Win, Face and Show: How To Protect Your Youthful Skin From The Harmful Rays Of The Sun…In Style!

'saratoga living' Luxury Editor Marco Medrano offers up a battery of UV damage protection options—and a few luxe fashion tips, too.

Sun Products
(from left) CLARINS Sunscreen Control Cream for Face SPF 50 (UV wrinkle buster); CLARINS; Sunscreen Multi-Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (sheer, disappearing protection); LA PRAIRIE Cellular Radiance Emulsion Sunscreen SPF 30 (brightening hydration treatment with protection); LA PRAIRIE Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil, Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (sheer, anti-aging treatment + high protection); NEOVA DNA Damage Control, Everyday (Active) Broad Spectrum SPF 43 (daily indoor/outdoor moisturizing skin treatment); BABOR After Sun Fluid for face, neck and décolleté (rosemary extracts strengthen the skin’s natural defenses to rejuvenate skin); SAIAN Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 (year-round luxury sheer spray facial protection for beach or purse); BIONOVA Tennis Player Sun + Wind Protection (heals with active nanosphere technology during extreme exposure)

What’s under the hood of your parasol? Well, the one thing I know for sure is that the ladies (and gents) of Saratoga Springs know firsthand how to eclipse UV sun damage in style. It’s unusual for most not to be aware of the sun’s detriments to our skin’s youthful appearance, caused by direct sunlight, UV/B computer screen rays or overcast UV damage when the sun isn’t directly shining down.

Alas, it’s a new era. Remember when we had to decide if we wanted a skin breakout with no UV damage, or no pimples with UV damage? Meaning sun protection was too thick, white and gooey. But not anymore! At least in the luxury skin care department. Fortunately for us, facial sunscreens have not only gone high tech by blocking more than bad light rays, but also include luxury-level treatments that can be made with “actives” that brighten, firm, detoxify and, wait for it…lift!

Every noteworthy brand has theirs. Here’s a few that I keep close at hand, always.

POLY GO is an affordable, luxury, multifunctional handheld device that is cordless, USB-chargeable and can fit on your nightstand.

As my best friend and social scion used to say, “Secret? You can only tell one person!”. Well, in this case, I think the world needs to know about my newest best friend and part-time travel companion, POLY GO. I use its RED LED and InfraRed interchangeable heads for rejuvenating my skin’s collagen, diminishing hyperpigmentation, forehead wrinkles and for extending Botox. POLY GO is an affordable, luxury, multifunctional handheld device that is cordless, USB-chargeable and can fit on the nightstand, at my desk or in my carry-on bag! Although, over time and with extended use, it could replace Botox and injectables without hot heat or pain (safely), I’m just grateful to have the option of anti-aging at my fingertips, without getting screamed at by my doctor. In fact, dermatologists and surgeons actually use and promote them. As a bonus, the quickly changeable LED Therapy heads also relieve acne and minor bites (blue LED), while the yellow LED plate targets redness, inflammation and joint discomfort. For more, click here.

Staci Snider
A look from Staci Snider’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection.

Now, if you love going to the Saratoga Race Course and you’re swathed in skincare protection, maybe you want to show a little (ladylike) skin? After studying, living and designing abroad amongst the chicest of Parisians, Saratoga’s own Staci Snider is taking the fashion world by storm. The Autumn/Winter Collection is rich, luxe and street-hot. From the Spring/Summer 2018 collection is this leather-strapped top (at left) that screams ready-to-wear equestrian couture. For more, click here.

And of course, what would track season be without at least one—but really, who can have just one?—fancy hat? Whether you’re planning your whole track season’s hat collection or grabbing one as you drive by, the selection of society-maven hats and dapper men’s chapeaus at Saratoga’s Hatsational! is extensive and quite nice. (For more, click here.) Need a Hermès scarf to cover that strapless blouse and your unlined, silky shoulders? Well, you can probably get a vintage Chanel clutch with that too at Lola of Saratoga. Both boutiques are on Broadway. See you at the races!

Marco Medrano

Marco Medrano is Luxury Editor at saratoga living. As a beauty expert, Medrano is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and was previously Beauty/Spa/Travel Editor at ELLIMAN, Now It Counts and HudsonMOD.


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