What Would Woody Do: Chapter II

How many times have you gone to a bar or restaurant to see a live local band and they take a break every 20-30 minutes for 20-30 minutes? Seemingly, it happens all the time, and it makes me angry every time. Us “real working folk” don’t get to do that. Imagine you sitting down at the job and getting a break every 20-30 minutes on the hour, all day long. Man, we would all want to have that job right? I can only imagine myself doing a haircut and having two or three guys waiting for me, and telling them “Sorry, it will only be another 15 minutes; I need to take a break to rest my poor tired hands and feet,” and then repeating that process every other customer. I wouldn’t be in business long. It’d be ridiculous! In fact, I’m one of the guys who often leaves when the band goes on a break, as many others do I’m sure.

Recently, we went out to dinner at a local bar/restaurant and saw a couple of guys setting up to play (the P.J. Ferguson Duo). So we decided to eat at the bar and listen to them, and wow, we were thoroughly impressed! These two kids, in their low to mid 20s, played for four hours straight without taking a break. Really, it was a sight to see. They played song after song, hit after hit. They played songs from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and right up to a couple of modern-day hits. I personally can’t remember ever going to see a cover band in a local bar that played Nancy Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Cars, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and numerous other great artists all in one set. Every genre was covered— even a Christian rock song—and there was music for all, and they never stopped playing. No breaks!

The crowd was so impressed after their three-hour set that everyone sitting at the bar stood up and cheered, clapping and then pitched in and enticed the band to play for another hour. It was really fun to see the excitement in the crowd and the band’s music. I really loved watching these guys, and the energy they put into there music. OK, so maybe they’re not going to be famous rock stars—at least not yet—but to have the ability to play all of these covers, all in their own way and all in their own versions was beyond any expectations I certainly had. And a four-hour set was and is unheard of. (Unless your name is Bruce Springsteen or something.) To quote the Beach Boys, “Fun Fun Fun” is the best words to describe their show!

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Now I need to take a break. This has taken me at least 20 minutes to write.


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