Your 2022 Holiday Book List

Picture Book: That’s Not Dasher, That’s My Dog!

By Adalyn & McKenna Vidoni

Need a funny Christmas story to tell around the tree? Grab a copy of That’s Not Dasher, That’s My Dog!, the hilarious Christmas tale that everyone in your family will love. The premise: During a Christmas Eve snowstorm, Santa mixes up one of his reindeer with a 100-pound Saint Bernadoodle and, as expected, hilarity ensues. Authors Adalyn and McKenna Vidoni (ages 11 and 9, respectively) expertly weave a tale that teaches the importance of family traditions and even includes a “reindeer food” recipe.

Mystery: Death on Location

By David K. Wilson

If you can’t wait to curl up with a thrilling mystery on a cold winter’s day, look no further than David K. Wilson’s gripping new mystery novel, Death on Location. Popular fictional detective Sam Lawson returns in this suspense-filled and often hilarious page-turning read. Lawson is a former cop turned private detective who’s as good at finding trouble as he is at solving crimes. Although the book takes place in East Texas where Wilson grew up, the scenes are heavily inspired by Upstate New York and the Saratoga area, where he now resides. With colorful characters, witty dialogue and enough plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat, it’s the perfect choice for any thrill-loving reader. 

Graphic Novel: Side-kicked

By Russell Brettholtz et al.

Job got you down? Wish you had super powers to fight the system of bureaucratic injustice? Well, Side-Kicked Volume 1, a graphic novel mini-series written by local author Russell Brettholtz (and brought to life by two brilliant artists), is the book for you. The story follows superhero sidekicks who grow tired of being disrespected by the heroes they’re overshadowed by. To everyone’s surprise, they (gasp) go on strike! Buy now so you’re all caught up before Volume 2 is released early next year—or join its Kickstarter, where certain donation levels will get you all but the very last chapter right now.

Poetry: Harsh Realm: My 1990s

By Daniel Nester

Harsh Realm, a collection of poems by College of Saint Rose professor Daniel Nester, is a step back in time to the complex era that was the 1990s. Nester, a seasoned author with work spanning from prose and essays to journalism and books, writes about his young adulthood trying to make his way as a writer in New York City, in the process transporting his audience back to a time of grunge, Yellow Pages, the AIDS epidemic and (remember these?) fax machines.   

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