The Adelphi Combines Morrissey’s and The Blue Hen Into ‘Morrissey’s Lounge & Bistro’ (Exclusive)

During a time when most bars and restaurants around the country are struggling with reduced capacities and other COVID-19 restrictions, at least one Saratoga Springs eatery is busier than ever. Morrissey’s Lounge at The Adelphi Hotel is booked a month out, says Adelphi Restaurant Manager Kate Veitch. The hotel itself, she adds, has also been doing well, too, booking 200 more rooms this September than in September 2019.

To meet the demand for tables at Morrissey’s, The Adelphi has decided to combine the cocktail bar and lounge with the hotel’s other restaurant, The Blue Hen. The two will now be one mega-restaurant, Morrissey’s Lounge & Bistro, serving breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks. It is set to debut on Sunday, November 1 at 2pm, with seatings in three areas: the former Morrissey’s Lounge location, the former Blue Hen location, and the ballroom, which was previously used for weddings and events. “It’s not that we wanted to close Blue Hen,” Veitch says, “it’s just that Morrissey’s is so successful.”

Aspects of all three of The Adelphi’s restaurants, including Salt & Char, which is closed two days a week, have been incorporated into Morrissey’s Lounge & Bistro’s menu. Both the lunch and dinner menus feature wood-fired flatbreads, burgers and paninis, oysters and muscles and “Cheese Fondue for Two,” which Veitch says was added to accommodate Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order mandating that all customers must have food if they’re ordering alcoholic beverages at a restaurant. Morrissey’s sushi menu will also still be available (as will the hotel’s half-priced takeout sushi special), and the breakfast and brunch menus adopted from The Blue Hen will stay mostly the same. And bacon lovers, don’t despair: You can still get Chef David Burke‘s signature Clothesline Bacon any day of the week.

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