Where To Get Your Bagel Fix In Saratoga Springs During COVID-19

Back when the Saratoga Living team was still working out of our Broadway office, we were certainly spoiled when it came to access to delicious bagels. (Proximity to New York City-worthy bagels is clearly the most important employee benefit.) With Spot Coffee, Saratoga Coffee Traders, Uncommon Grounds and Saratoga’s Broadway Deli all within a quarter-mile of our office, it seemed like a great bagel was never too far away.

Flash forward a few months, and that is definitely no longer the case. Not only have we all been banished to our homes, but many of Saratoga’s favorite bagel joints, including Uncommon, Spot and Coffee Traders have also opted to close their doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19. So, where can a Saratogian get his or her bagel fix during COVID-19?

Saratoga’s Broadway Deli
The lone downtown bagel shop still in operation, Saratoga’s Broadway Deli gets its kettle-boiled bagels shipped to Saratoga directly from Northern New Jersey. Pick up a single serving with cream cheese or smoked salmon (or both!) to go, or purchase a frozen batch, and bake them on your own time. The deli is open for takeout and delivery through DoorDash.

Saratoga 5 Points Market & Deli
On Saratoga’s East Side, the 5 Points Market & Deli is still offering breakfast, lunch and dinner for takeout or delivery through DoorDash. The self-proclaimed “Home of the Breakfast Sandwich” offers “The Local Favorite”—two eggs, American cheese and your choice of sausage, ham or bacon served on a hard roll. We’d recommend swapping out that roll for a bagel for an extra 75 cents.

Spring Street Deli & Pizzeria
Spring Street Deli & Pizzeria is offering a whole slew of breakfast sandwiches, available for pick up or delivery. Try the hearty “Todd Pletcher”—two eggs with sausage, bacon, ham and American cheese—or the lighter “Chad Brown”—egg whites with spinach, tomato and American cheese—on a plain or sesame bagel.

Kaffee House
Over on West Ave, Kaffee House’s drive-thru window is still in operation, serving up sandwiches, soups, pastries, coffee and, you guessed it, bagels. Top your everything, sesame or plain bagel with cream cheese, or order one of Kaffee House’s sandwiches on the bagel of your choice.

Uptown Cafe
With fresh bagels from Formisano Bakery in Saugerties and coffee from Kru Coffee in Saratoga, Uptown Cafe is another shop remaining open for takeout and delivery through chownow.com. With almost its entire menu still available, Uptown Cafe offers a variety of ways to spruce up your bagel to go.

Bear’s Cup
Bolton Landing-based cafe Bear’s Cup saw an opportunity (i.e. that Saratogians want bagels) during the COVID-19 crisis and capitalized on it. While the shop itself is closed, Bear’s Cup is now offering coffee, pastry and bagel deliveries within 15 miles of Saratoga on Sunday mornings. They’ve even launched a new Instagram page, @bearscuptoga, to promote the new venture.

Price Chopper/Market 32
I know what you’re thinking. Grocery store bagels? Really? Yes. They’re made fresh right in the store and during the COVID-19 crisis are being sold at the Ballston Ave location in bags of six, so you’ll be set for breakfast all week long.

Panera Bread
Yes, yes, I know—it’s important to shop local, especially now. But how could I not include a restaurant that has “bread” in its name, even if it is a chain? (Plus, Panera’s bagels are actually good.) Customize a 13-bagel pack with bagel flavors including cinnamon crunch, asiago and blueberry, plus cream cheese flavors including honey walnut, strawberry and chive onion.

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