Bocage Unveils To-go Caviar Kits in Time for Track Season

Elevating your day at the track—or any summertime gathering—is now possible via one tidy to-go package. The centerpiece of these five-star picnic kits? A tin of Bocage Champagne Bar’s brand-new custom caviar.

“We like to make a grand entrance,” says Bocage co-owner Zac Denham. “So we created a luxurious package-to-go as a sensational addition to any summer soirée or as a dazzling centerpiece at the track.”

In addition to 30 grams of the Bocage Private Label Caviar, the $145 kits contain locally sourced crème fraiche, chives and piles of track-friendly Northfork Kettle Cooked Potato Chips for slathering with caviar and accompaniments to make decadent, crunchy bites. The caviar is meticulously sourced White Sturgeon, humanely harvested from the picturesque shores of Pandino, Italy. “Each glistening pearl,” Denham says, “is a testament to the craftsmanship and passion that go into creating this culinary masterpiece.”

Denham and partner Clark Gale were inspired to create these Napa-worthy picnic kits last year after experiencing NYRA’s new tailgate area. “We envisioned opening up a luxurious picnic spread there,” Denham says. “Caviar is the epitome of opulence so we went for it.”

The limited-time kits hit the market June 30 and are available only at Bocage (bocagechampagnebar.com). Pre-ordering is recommended, but walk-in orders are accepted based on availability. “Go ahead—dive into luxury,” says Denham. “Your caviar awaits.”  

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