Lights Go Out On Broadway: Proctors Experiences Website Woes On Day Of ‘Hamilton’ Ticket Sales (Updated)

Proctors could be facing a colonial revolt in the Capital Region if it doesn’t get its IT in order. If you’re trying to purchase Hamilton tickets online at Proctors, good luck. For potential ticket-buyers, the nightmare began at 10am sharp, when the Schenectady venue was set to release its remaining tickets for the red-hot Broadway musical, set to make a limited run from August 13-25. (A number of tickets have already been provided to members.)

For users online looking to buy tickets, they first needed to sign into the site to even be able to get into a queue to purchase tickets at 10am—and at just about 10:30am, the Proctors site crashed, sending potential ticket-buyers scrambling. A number of users complained of seeing a “502 – Bad Gateway” error, which normally occur when a site is overrun with traffic and its servers are unable to handle the influx. One user tweeted at Proctors that they were in the queue for 24 minutes before losing their place when the site crashed. Another, a journalist from the Albany Times Union, tweeted:

saratoga living reached out to Proctors for comment, and Michael Eck, the venue’s rep, responded that the Proctors website hadn’t, in fact, crashed—despite accounts to the contrary on Twitter—and that the lengthy wait times were just due to “many, many people in queue.”

At 11:47am, Proctors’ Twitter account acknowledged that users were “…having problems buying tickets online. We have turned off the queue and patrons are now able to purchase regularly. Please log back in. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please message us if you are still having trouble buying tickets.”

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