The Capital Region Joins The Canned Cocktail Revolution

Still drinking out of a glass? Get with the times. Beer enjoyed its time as the only aluminum-canned alcohol for too long and now has had to share the spotlight with a slew of other boozy beverages. Canned cocktails and wines are sweeping the nation—haven’t you noticed the explosion of spiked seltzers in the beer aisle?—and it seems they’re here to stay. From Arnold Palmer Spiked (a personal favorite) to the ‘Merican Mule, which somehow found its way into the saratoga living mini fridge last summer, canned drinks are the no-sweat way to enjoy your favorite summer drink, anytime. Rachael Ray has even taken note, offering up her favorite canned concoctions, which include a Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock & Rye and a Cutwater Fugu Vodka Spicy Bloody Mary, in the July/August issue of Rachael Ray Every Day.

Besides the obvious benefit of not actually having to make yourself a drink, canned cocktails are also available for purchase later (’til 3am!) than packaged liquor, which can only be purchased until midnight Monday-Saturday and 9pm on Sundays in Saratoga County. And forget about having to go all the way to the liquor store: pre-made drinks are sold right in convenience and grocery stores across New York. Your late-night booze runs have never been easier.

Of course, local companies have taken note. Albany Distilling Co. recently released its Cocktail Club canned drinks, which consist of ALB Vodka, club soda and one of four natural flavorings. “The thing with spirits is that sometimes when you’re on the go, whether you’re going to the track or the beach, you’re not just going to bring a bottle of vodka,” says Albany Distilling Co. General Manager Alicia Hendricks. In other words, you’re likely going to need all the mixers, too, and that can take up a lot of space and weigh you down. “We’ve made it very easy for you,” she says. Cocktail Club drinks are gluten-free, zero-carb and low-calorie, plus, they contain eight percent alcohol by volume—take that, beer! Another reason you should be canning it, locally? Saratogians do some of their best drinking, in season, at Saratoga Race Course, where glass bottles are prohibited.

And don’t forget about wine! Rather than pouring your vino into a water bottle for a day at the races (admit it, you’ve at least thought about it), opt for Old Tavern Farm Winery‘s Farm Fresh Canned Rosé, which was released June 1. Actually, you may have to go for Old Tavern Farm’s 2018 Rosé Can, since this year’s product sold out within 16 minutes of its release!

It’s safe to say the alcohol industry has hit a jackpot on this one. Move over glass; aluminum has foiled you again.

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