#TBT: Making Waves

Despite what it might look like at first glance, this isn’t some sort of archaic torture device or early attempt at mind control—it’s a perm machine used to give straight-haired women of the 1930s natural-looking wavy locks. To achieve the desired look, hair was first treated with a chemical and then wound around electrically heated clamps, sometimes resulting in perfect cascading waves. (Unlucky beauty...

Fashion Camps Returning to Saratoga This Summer

Saratoga Springs is known for many things—horse racing, performing arts, history…the list goes on. But fashion design? Not so much. Sure, we have Staci Snider, Saratoga’s resident high-end design guru, but beyond her Congress Street shop, not much clothing actually gets made here in the Spa City. In a few years’ time, that could all change, thanks to the efforts of Arlene Kay, owner of...

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