Chip, Putt, Eat: The Bunker Eyes Winter Opening in Saratoga

Winter nights out in the Spa City will take on a whole new meaning after The Bunker opens the doors to its new location in downtown Saratoga Springs at the turn of the year. Overlooking Congress Park, the 10,000-plus-square-foot golf simulator and restaurant will be the Capital Region franchise’s largest location to date. Bunker fans who have come to know the casino-inspired Schenectady branch or Clifton Park locale should get ready to tee up in ‘Toga: The new spot promises the quintessential Bunker experience, but with classic Saratoga panache.

“We’ve always wanted to get into Saratoga,” says Gabe August, The Bunker’s director of development. “With the history of Saratoga and the track, we’re going to blend some of that into our design.”

Turning this vision into a reality came down to finding the perfect location. “We looked at a handful of places,” August says. “We wanted to make sure that when we did go into Saratoga, we did it in a place that would set us up for success. We think we found that spot.” 

That spot turned out to be 307 Broadway, the sweeping former home of Vent Fitness on the corner of Congress Street. With two floors of action, dramatic glass doors and views to match, the location brings a sense of luxury to indoor golf. Unlike many simulators, The Bunker combines the feeling of enjoying a round of golf—and a meal and a drink—at your favorite country club with the vibe of a high-end sports bar. 

Those who want to take a swing at the fun will be able to book a tee time online, just as one would for a traditional golf course. On the other hand, foodies and cocktail connoisseurs need not worry about making reservations—with two floors and a bar on each, The Bunker boasts ample seating. 

Thrilled about no longer having to make it through the winter without golf? August echoes the feeling: “We’re extremely excited.”

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