Comfort Kitchen Hops on the Breakfast Train

For the last few years, Comfort Kitchen has been known as a quick and easy place to grab a handheld lunch or perfectly plated early dinner. But this past summer, owner Rory Moran decided that an earlier, coffee-fueled start was what was missing at his Saratoga Marketplace restaurant, and a mouthwatering breakfast menu was born.

Served Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to noon, Comfort Kitchen’s breakfast menu consists of sweets (“the favorite so far has been the pancakes,” Moran says), eggs (“we’re getting local eggs from Elihu Farm and Featherbed Lane Farm, so people are really digging all the egg dishes”), sides (including Vermont bacon, potato hash and house-made sausage), baked goods (fresh-baked muffins and coffee cakes), and drinks (“I’m very happy that it’s caught on that we have our beer and wine license—we’re selling a lot of mimosas.”).

And don’t forget coffee. “We’ve always had a really great relationship with Death Wish Coffee,” Moran says. “So it’s been exciting to be able to serve that—and to drink it every morning.”

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