Detox Box Delivered Ships Fresh Smoothie Ingredients Straight to Your Doorstep

This story originally appeared in the September/October issue of Capital Region LivingSaratoga Living‘s sister magazine.

When Saratoga Farmers’ Market customers started asking Smoothie Shoppe owners Laura and Rich Holoday how they could get their superfood-packed smoothies during the week, the couple knew they had found an untouched market. “Everybody’s so busy, and they want something quick and easy,” says Laura, who lives in Amsterdam with Rich and their three kids. “But a lot of the time, the quick and easy foods are heavily processed and filled with garbage that can make you feel bogged down.” The Holodays considered opening up a storefront—in the past, they only served smoothies at weekend farmers’ markets and special events—but thought even that wasn’t convenient enough for their customers. Then they landed on the perfect idea: a smoothie delivery service.

In November 2019, the pair launched Detox Box Delivered. As the name implies, their endeavor delivers organic, ready-to-blend smoothies, packed with dry ice, directly to people’s doorsteps, from Delaware to the Capital Region and as far north as Maine. Customers can subscribe to a customizable 12- or 24-smoothie-per-month plan; or purchase a one-time, 12-smoothie box with the flavors of their choosing (think: Protein PB & J, Acai & Elderberry and Matcha & Coconut). There are even professionally designed detox boxes, which come with smoothies specifically made to boost energy and metabolism, help with muscle recovery or keep your gut healthy.

The Detox Box delivery process begins Sunday nights at midnight, when all orders for the week are due. Laura and Rich wake up Monday to the orders, and do some last-minute shopping before Tuesday rolls around, and smoothie production begins. “We make a lot of smoothies on Tuesday,” Laura says. “We’re there the entire day—sometimes through the night.” The boxes are then packed and shipped out on Wednesday and arrive to customers on Thursday.

While smoothie deliveries have obviously been a boon for people who haven’t wanted to leave their home during the COVID-19 crisis, Laura sees a market for her products even after the worst of the virus is over. “In the winter, people don’t really want to go out of their house and wait in line for a smoothie,” she says. “They want to make it in their house and drink it in their house and not have to carry a cold smoothie around in the winter.” Visit detoxboxdelivered.com to design your very own smoothie box.

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