Farmer’s Hardware: A Tasty Respite That Honors Its Saratoga History

Whether you want a burger at 8 a.m. or French toast at 2 p.m., you’ll be more than satisfied at Farmer’s Hardware.

Chef Julia Sanzen and partner Tyler Russell recently returned to the East Coast to open Saratoga’s newest breakfast/lunch spot at 35 Maple Ave. They cleverly renovated the three-story brick building, built in 1925 as a warehouse for the Farmer’s Hardware Store on Broadway.

At the counter on the second floor, choose from a concise and enticing menu. Working from her free-standing “container” kitchen (which had to be dropped in place by a crane), Chef Sanzen prepares your garden frittata with a market side of sticky bacon and, if you can’t resist, sweet potato tots.

Hand-crafted appetizer served at Farmer’s Hardware, garnished with capers, tomatoes, and greens. (Terri-Lynn Pellegri)

Care to indulge your taste buds a bit more? Add a Nitro-chinno to your order. This unique KRU coffee experience — cold cappuccino, nitrogen-ated coffee with cream and a bit of sweetener — is delicious!

A server will bring your order/selections to your communal table in the open, airy dining space, thoughtfully designed from repurposed and reclaimed materials that include tabletops of old maple trees and tin from an 1867 barn in Keesville. Summertime offers the addition of a charming outdoor patio, with umbrella tables gracing the terraced herb garden. Enjoy a meal with a friend, or work at your computer on the free WiFi.

“I love Saratoga Springs,” Sanzen says. “It is my hometown. I wanted to come back and bring some fresh ideas and creativity.”

Thank you, Julia!

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