Greenfield Center’s Fossil Stone Farms Opening Tasting Room

When Mike Spiak decided to plant grapes on the family farm—which dates back to 1802—where he grew up, he never envisioned it growing into a full winery. Now, he is gearing up to open a rural-chic tasting room to provide vino lovers a chance to taste his wines among his treasured vineyards or in his new Amish-built, timber frame barn. “We started planting the vineyards in 2009, and it took us five years to get a full crop,” says Spiak, who lives in the farm’s original farmhouse with his wife, Kelly, and two daughters. “My initial intention was to just sell the grapes. I spent a lot of time in New Zealand, in places blanketed with Sauvignon Blanc vineyards, and I always liked them. Then I went fishing with a buddy who makes wine. So, he started taking some of the grapes and making wine. That’s when I thought, ‘Maybe we’ve got something here.’”

Fast-forward to last August, and Spiak found himself with a portfolio of Fossil Stone wines and a new barn, which he barely got open in time to celebrate the harvest of that year’s grapes with anyone who came out to help—a party that swelled to 100 of his closest friends. Now, after closing for the winter, Fossil Stone’s new tasting barn will celebrate its grand opening to the public June 1.

“There are barrels to sit around if you want to do your tastings among the wine barrels,” he says. “And then we have a small courtyard, which sits between the barn and the vineyard, where you can just sit and have some wine. There are also horses here, so when you’re sitting out in the courtyard, you’re looking at horses and vineyards and it’s just very relaxing and peaceful.” 

Fossil Stone’s wine collection includes a crisp white wine called La Crescent, a medium-bodied red with pinot vibes called Marquette, and its cousin Oak Aged Marquette, which is aged—as the name suggests—in oak barrels. There’s also a fruit-forward rosé, a chardonnay-style white called Amber, and a dry red called Petite Pearl that’s the newest in the portfolio. “And then we have a blend of Marquette and Petite Pearl that we call Pearl Mar,” Spiak says. “There’s nothing to compare it to. It’s on a level all by itself.”

Walk-ins are welcome at Fossil Stone Farms Friday to Sunday, noon to 6pm. Expect a laidback atmosphere and delicious wines to pair with a cheese board while you take in the tranquility of the vineyard. Bottles are available for purchase to open later, so you can resurrect your memory of the peaceful new spot that’s just minutes away from Saratoga Springs.  

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