Job Hunters: Get Hired by the College of St. Rose, NYSID or the American Red Cross

OK, here’s some good news to start this week’s Job Hunters column off with: Earlier in the month, nearly four million people dropped off their unemployment benefits and went back to work. That’s likely because a number of states have begun reopening—as has New York State and the Capital Region (if everything goes as planned, we’re set to enter phase two this week—which could mean that everyone can start queuing up to get that long-awaited haircut). But economists still see a tough road ahead, with May unemployment numbers expected to jump to almost 20 percent. Luckily, there are still a number of jobs to apply for right here in the Capital Region.

Maybe you’ve been wondering: Does Job Hunters actually work? Is there any data that speaks to the fact that the jobs we’re choosing are being applied to. Are candidates getting a fair shake? Recently, an employer in Saratoga reached out to me to ask after a candidate who I was connected to on Facebook (remember what I said about cleaning up your social profiles before applying for jobs in the last column?). I gave that person a glowing review (because that person deserved it!), and even went the extra mile to hunt down two other character references that provided me with positive direct quotes about that person.

And then there was an Instagram post on May 30 that caught my attention: small business owner and Saratoga native Meadow Merry, who makes a living coaching creative entrepreneurs, and is a motivational speaker and writer in her own right, had this to say about Job Hunters: “One of my amazing clients just told me she found me in [your column]! I had NO idea this article even existed…and I’m floored.” Well, Meadow, it does exist, it comes out every Tuesday (and in newsletter form on Thursday afternoon) and is jam-packed with new local and national job postings  each week. Like the ones you’ll find below.

Local Job Opportunities

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Digital Producer
Colleges and universities around the globe are having to rethink how they rein in students following the COVID-19 outbreak. And it’s possible that many a freshman orientation (or first semester) could be happening remotely later this summer. So, colleges are on the lookout for building out their digital staffs. One such institution is the College of St. Rose in Albany, which is looking for a Digital Media Producer to develop, produce and edit promotional videos for college marketing and enrollment campaigns; college promotion and messaging; and address institutional priorities for use across any broadcast or digital platform. Find the position on LinkedIn Jobs or search for it on the college’s employment page.

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Junior Level
Were you much more busy doodling in high school than actually reading the Great Gatsby? (Maybe you were doodling on the Great Gatsby.) Well, EVERSANA Engage, which does everything from consulting on drug pricing in the pharmaceutical world to supporting actual patients in the healthcare world, is looking for a Junior Art Director, who will work directly with the company’s clients on print production, pulling and using stock images for layouts, and digital and web design. (Plus, a lot of other tasks.) The position requires two-plus years of experience. Did I mention that the position is located right here in beautiful Saratoga Springs? Find it on LinkedIn Jobs, or apply for it right on the company’s website.

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Executive Level
I’m pretty sure everybody knows what the American Red Cross is, but just as a reminder: It’s a global nonprofit that hosts blood drives, provides disaster relief, helps out in all manner of health-related programs internationally and more. And as luck would have it, the Red Cross is on the lookout for a Regional Chief Development Officer to work out of its Albany office. This person will be “responsible for strengthening and growing the donor base and the development program to meet assigned financial goals.” From a macro perspective, you’ll be serving three million people in 27 different counties. You need a minimum of five years of fundraising experience, plus three years’ worth of management skills. The position requires a lot of traveling within the Capital Region, as well as some to Washington, DC. If you’re interested in making a difference in the world, search for the job on LinkedIn Jobs, or search for the position on the American Red Cross’ careers page.

Cool Job Opportunity (Local) – Senior Level
As I’ve mentioned in the past, one of the best ways to find new job opportunities—before they even hit the job boards—is to do a search on LinkedIn for, say, “Albany, NY” and search only content that has been posted about it. I scrolled through, and boom! There’s a great job opportunity at New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc. (NYSID), which is located in (you guessed it) Albany. It’s looking for a Deputy Controller, who would be able to assist the Controller (i.e. his or her direct-report) with oversight of NYSID’s financial management functions, including financial statement prep, accounting and auditing. The job opportunity was posted by NYSID’s President and CEO, so it’s legit. Here’s the link to her post.

National/Remote Work Opportunities

Cool Job Opportunity (Remote) – Marketing
You can’t help but get excited about a job, when the job ad itself sounds like it was written by an excited person. Metabolic Living is a company has been spreading the metabolism-first gospel for a decade, and it’s looking for a Digital Marketing Communications Coordinator, who will be knee-deep in data/analytics, e-newsletter marketing and executing on digital marketing campaigns. Stated Salary: $50,000-$55,000/year + benefits + 401K. Did I mention it can be worked entirely remotely? You need five-plus years of experience in marketing or a related field. Look for the position on Indeed or apply for it on the company’s website.

Cool Job Opportunity (Remote) – Writing
Were you a nerd in high school who was always getting picked on for having his or her nose in a book? Did you join a gym during college and become a ripped badass that eats high school bullies for breakfast? This might just be the role for you. New York City-based Generation Iron Fitness Network is looking for a full-time Health & Fitness Writer, who can report on topics such as bodybuilding, fitness, strength and combat sports. Have a grasp of WordPress and SEO? Even better. The position pays $3,000-$4,000/month, based on experience. Find the position by searching remote jobs on Indeed or apply for it on the company’s website.

Cool Job Opportunity (Remote) – Senior Level
If you read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and wanted to be said girl, this job might be for you. (Boys can apply, too, by the way.) CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm that prides itself particularly on its ability to respond, with ninja-level capabilities, to cyberattacks of all kinds, is looking for a Senior Data Engineer, who will work with the company’s product managers and other engineers in building internal and external facing services. (If you don’t know what AWS, Python, Golang, Kafka, Spark, Airflow, ECS or Kubernetes are, we’d strongly suggest not applying for the position.) You need at least five years experience to even get an interested eye. Check out the position on Glassdoor or check out the company’s careers page.

Job, Business and Volunteering Opportunities

Cool Internship Opportunity (Local)
Are you a local college student, or one that’s stuck remotely studying from your makeshift home office? GlobalFoundries, which builds micro chips at its massive plant in Malta, is looking for a Government Affairs intern to learn essential business insights and hands-on experience in GlobalFoundries corporate Government Affairs department. (You must be in a related field of study such as law or business.) It’s a full-time, eight-week internship, which runs from June 22 to August 14. Some of the things you might find yourself doing? Researching, writing and executing policy analysis on special projects, as assigned; and developing, proofreading and finalizing project materials, including letters and presentations. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in accomplishing, search for the position on LinkedIn Jobs or apply for it on GlobalFoundries jobs page.

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