Mix It Up: Saratoga’s Coziest Winter Cocktails

There’s no at better way to warm up one’s belly than by bellying up to the bar—so get out of the house and hit up one of these hot spots for a drool-worthy concoction or two. Downtown’s most creative mixologists have outdone themselves this year, with each boozy confection more delectable than the last.

“Patrons want that magical kind of feeling in the winter, like they’re ordering a present—something special—for themselves when they order a drink,” says cocktail curator Jess Contompasis of Henry Street Taproom. Her liquid treats include a Brutella (cold brew, Bruno Mars’ SelvaRey chocolate rum, biscotti liquor and hazelnut whipped cream topping) and It’s Tradition (eggnog, St. George apple brandy, vanilla vodka and grated nutmeg).

Other downtown hotspots splashed out fancy new winter cocktail menus—stop in for a visit at Lucy’s (the bar’s vodka-soaked Sweater Weather will speak to the staunchest s’mores fans) or The Bourbon Room, for starters. But don’t miss The Misfit, their newest Caroline Street neighbor. Owner Michael Mills started his enviable winter cocktail list with a base of seasonal flavors such as rosemary, chocolate and cinnamon. “Every member of the bar staff works together to build recipes that are unique and unexpected,” he says. “We finish by making sure we’re offering a mix of spirits, colors, glassware and interesting garnishes to complete the job.”

The outcome? An impressive list that includes a spiced rum cocktail made with apple cider, orange and cinnamon and served warm—plus an over-the-top s’mores treat, peanut butter espresso martini, and tequila/mezcal masterpiece topped with egg white and called We Didn’t Start the Fire. If that doesn’t warm you up, we don’t know what will.

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