Hot Date: Celebrating National Tortilla Chip Day

To celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day on February 24, we sent two of our favorite editorial assistants—who happen to both be named Hannah—on assignment: to take the temperature of Saratoga Springs’ chip purveyors. Here’s what the Hannahs came up with:

Saratoga might be 2000-plus miles from the actual Mexican border—but you wouldn’t know it from our glut of Mexican food options. And as tortilla chip connoisseurs, we decided to provide Saratogians with a roadmap to the best Mexican chipperies in town.


Crunchiness: 4
Saltiness: 2
Thickness: 4

Located right on Broadway, a few doors down from the saratoga living HQ, Cantina offers a thick, crunchy chip that lacks slightly in the salt department. Those eaters who enjoy a strong dipper for their salsa should look no further. 

El Mexicano

Crunchiness: 5
Saltiness: 1
Thickness: 3

Travel a little further south on Broadway, and you’ll find El Mexicano and its über-crunchy, light and airy chip. Be careful, though; these chips are addictive, and you don’t want to fill up on them before your delicious dinner there. Bonus: El Mexicano offers free quesadillas before your entree. What could be better?

Mexican Connection

Crunchiness: 4
Saltiness: 2
Thickness: 2

After a long day at the track, walk a few blocks over to 41 Nelson Avenue—Mexican Connection—to sample its thin, crispy chip. While we would’ve liked a bit more saltiness, the restaurant did offer two kinds of dipping options: mild and hot salsa. Yum!

Tatu Tacos & Tequila

Crunchiness: 4
Saltiness: 4
Thickness: 1

If you’re willing to spend a little more coin, Tatu Tacos on Maple Ave provides a salty, crispy delight of a chip. PSA: If you can’t stomach spiciness, Tatu’s tortilla chip might not be for you: Chef Kareem NeJame adds a little oomph to his chip.

—Hannah Sacks also contributed to this story

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