The Wait Is Over: Proctors’ Upcoming Production Of Broadway Musical ‘Waitress’ Has Found Its Two Lulus

Proctors has found its Lulus! On Friday, May 31, Proctors announced that, after auditioning 40 young girls from all over the Capital Region, it had cast a local four- and five-year-old girl in the role of “Lulu” in its upcoming touring production of the hit Broadway musical Waitress.

As saratoga living reported last month, Proctors held open auditions for the minor role of “Lulu”—a four- or five-year-old girl (and daughter of lead character, “Jenna”), who would appear in the musical’s final scene. The audition was open to both individual children and twins. The lucky tykes? Four-year-old Genevieve Carmichael of Amsterdam, NY, and five-year-old Viviana DeMezza of Perth, NY, who will alternate playing Lulu during Waitress‘ six-day run at Proctors, each girl appearing in four performances. For Carmichael, a preschooler at Whispering Pines Preschool in Amsterdam, auditioning and acting were completely new experiences for her. And like her co-Lulu, DeMezza also lacks formal acting experience but is said to be particularly excited about the opportunity, telling her mother that she got to “run and talk and do a little dance.”

Also on Friday, the two newly cast Lulus participated in a meet-and-greet with the press and public at Proctors’ GE Theatre. At the event, the two young actresses-to-be sifted flour, rolled dough and made pies—their onstage “mother,” Jenna, is a pie-making expert—along with Proctors’ Collaborative Food & Beverage Manager Jessi Conti.

Tickets to catch the two Lulus in Waitress can be purchased here.

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