Saratoga Automobile Museum Resurrects Its ‘Donate A Vehicle’ Program

That clunker or classic car gathering dust in your garage? We’ve got just the place for it. The Saratoga Automobile Museum is reviving its Donate A Vehicle Program, which takes donated cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs and boats off your hands and either adds them to the museum’s collection or auctions them off to help fund educational programming. “We’re grateful that the local community continues to support the museum and its mission,” says Carly Connors, executive director of the Saratoga Automobile Museum. “Our Donate A Vehicle Program is another way for people to help fuel our educational programs by donating vehicles that they no longer need or use.”

The Saratoga Automobile Museum is currently accepting vehicles of all makes, models and ages. In fact, an automobile’s age and road-worthiness don’t even factor into a potential donation’s assessment. The revived program already received its first donation earlier this year: a black 1955 Ford Thunderbird. That classic car sold for more than $20,000 during last September’s Saratoga Auto Auction, which serves as the museum’s largest single fundraiser.

For those interested in making a vehicle donation to the Saratoga Automobile Museum, all you need is a clear, signed title and some current photos of the vehicle. For more info on donations, click here.

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