Saratoga Awesome Dogs Fans Launch GoFundMe Page For The Food Truck Following Accident

One local do-gooder has decided to help out a Saratoga friend in need. After an out-of-control Jeep crashed into the Saratoga Awesome Dogs on the morning of August 19, leveling the popular food truck, Rick Bult, the owner of Fastsigns of Saratoga Springs on Gick Road and a big fan of the mobile food stand, created a GoFundMe page to help to repair or replace the food truck, as well as pay for the medical expenses of its owner Kathy Kahl, and an employee, Linda Jordan, who were inside it at the time of the accident.

“If you know [Kathy] and her team, they are amazing people who care so much about the community,” Bult wrote on the GoFundMe page for the hotdog stand. “Kathy’s food truck is her passion, and we cannot wait for her to open up and start cooking those hotdogs.” The campaign kicked has already raised close to $900, with a goal of $25,000.

The accident happened at Saratoga Awesome Dogs’ normal perch, right outside Saratoga Quality Hardware and EBI Beverage on Excelsior Avenue. Five were hospitalized, including the driver of the Jeep that struck the food truck (and another vehicle in the same lot) and Saratoga Awesome Dogs’ Kahl and Jordan.

Saratoga Awesome Dogs has earned quite the reputation around town for its hot dogs, brats, kielbasas and hamburgers; as well as a number of delicious sides, sweets and beverages.

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