The Saratoga Bite: Chef David Burke’s Meat And Potatoes 2.0

This is the third in an ongoing series saratoga living‘s doing, where we’ll be asking chefs from some of the top restaurants in Saratoga Springs to create for us the ultimate “Saratoga Bite.” The best part? You can either ask them to make you this exclusive, off-menu item the next time you’re there—or simply make the bite for yourself at home.

Chef: David Burke
Restaurant: Salt & Char
Saratoga Bite: Meat & Potatoes

I chose this simple yet complex and flavorful bite to highlight the potato chip, which was invented in Saratoga Springs (maybe). I’m also showcasing my patented dry-aging process, which uses Himalayan salt.

Salt & Char’s Meat & Potatoes

1 Idaho potato
3 oz. 45-day dry aged strip loin
1 oz. Crème fraîche
1 oz. Osetra caviar
1/2 oz. Snipped chive

Thinly slice the potato and brine in vinegar, salt and water for 25 minutes. Fry it at 300 degrees, gently stirring until the chips float to the top and crisp. Season with salt. Cook strip loin rare and slice it thinly. Top the chips with the strip loin and finish with a dollop of crème fraîche, caviar and chive.

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