We Polled 400-Plus Saratogians About Their Favorite Sugary Cereals

Were you one of those kids who wasn’t allowed to have sugary cereals growing up? Did your best friend have a big bowl of Cookie Crisp every morning, while you had to suffer through a measly bowl of Grape Nuts (all the while wondering why it’s called Grape Nuts when it contains neither grapes nor nuts)? You’re in luck: National Cereal Day is on March 7, and now that you’re an adult, no one can tell you that you can’t celebrate it by starting your day off with four bowls of Lucky Charms. To toast the big day, we surveyed more than 400 of our Instagram followers about what their all-time favorite sugary cereals were. The results? They’re grrreat! 

PUFFS: 60% Reese’s Puffs | 40% Cocoa Puffs

FROSTED: 78% Frosted Flakes  |  22% Frosted Cheerios

KRISPIES: 55% Rice Krispies  |  45% Cocoa Krispies

SQUARES: 79% Cinnamon Toast Crunch  |  21% Golden Grahams

FRUITY: 59% Froot Loops  |  41% Apple Jacks

What’s your favorite sugary cereal and why?

Oreo O’s!!!!! Best cereal ever. Chocolatey, crunchy and stands up to
milk without going soft. —@acd920

Cap’n Crunch, a golden treasure chest. Can feel my teeth rot while eating them. ?

Rice Krispie TREAT cereal! OMG there is just nothing like it! —@kati0154

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