Siro’s Restaurant Reopening With New Chef Following Renovations

The opening of Siro’s Restaurant each racing season always causes a stir in the Spa City, but this year, it’s even more newsworthy. That’s because the historic high-roller hangout is getting a rebrand of sorts, including a facelift courtesy of Lee Owens Interior Design and Mack Construction, as well as a new chef: Elliott Vogel, formerly of Daley’s on Yates, MezzaNotte Ristorante, Savoy Taproom and, most recently, Jack’s Oyster House.

In addition to indoor renovations that will “bring a more modern and sophisticated atmosphere to the restaurant,” Vogel says outdoor renovations will allow the service bar to cater to more options and accommodate more outdoor dining. “This year we have expanded our outdoor offerings including the addition of a raw bar stocked with fresh varieties of oysters, clams and shrimp,” he continues. “Our margarita bar has also been expanded and will now serve frozen margaritas.”

Inside, diners can expect dishes worthy of the Sport of Kings. “The indoor menu is composed of creative inspirations from all over the world,” Vogel says. “Simple and exotic ingredients are celebrated through French cookery paired with seasonality fitted for any palate. Our menu is modern with a strong focus on technique, pure flavors and a thoughtful presentation.”

The announcement of these changes comes on the heels of several years of upheaval at the iconic establishment; ownership changed hands in 2019, permitting paperwork was falsified by the restaurant’s operator in 2020, and the head chef was arrested mid-season in 2021. But Vogel seems up for the challenge of returning Siro’s to its former glory. “A challenging task is always something I look for when applying myself to a growing business,” he says. “Rejuvenating, reinventing and reestablishing a culinary program is my favorite part of being a chef. It’s simply making people happy and excited about food.”

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