The Coat Room, Saratoga’s First Speakeasy, Opens on Broadway

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You’ve probably heard whispers throughout town about The Coat Room, a new speakeasy-style bar and restaurant that was rumored to be opening on Broadway this summer. But where is it? Is it open? And how do you get in? 

Without ruining the mystique of the place, we can tell you it’s on the first floor of 385 Broadway and opened in late June. As for how you get in? Our lips are sealed.

We can tell you what to expect if (or when?) you do get in. “Our inspiration came from the fact that 385 Broadway is literally the center of where the original United States Hotel was,” says Managing Partner Mike Phinney, whose idea it was to turn what was supposed to be a self-storage locker for residents of the apartment building into a semi-secret Saratoga hangout. “We thought it would be interesting to really pay respect to that, so a lot of the décor is of that era—black and white photographs, walnut, brass, gold, black, industrial accents, saddle leather.”  

As for the menu? Chef Dominic Colose, most recently of Amuse, says it’s all about familiar ingredients prepared in unfamiliar ways. “People are not generally inclined to try new things, but if we can build trust by showing that not every menu in Saratoga has to be the same, we can evolve into some eclectic selections,” he says. Those selections include a Syrian curry Colose says has the “deep flavors of common Indian curries but has an identity linked to Middle Eastern cooking,” flatbreads, and a “special” orange tart for dessert.

Beverage Director Justin LaViolette has a similar philosophy for behind the bar. “As far as our beverage program goes, I wanted it to be unique and noteworthy, but at the same time approachable and familiar,” he says. “The menu ranges from an Earl Gray–infused Bees Knees—a riff on a classic—to something that’s basically a caprese in a cup.” Yup, you read that right: a caprese martini topped with a burrata cheese foam.

But back to the main question—getting there. “The code really is word of mouth,” LaViolette says. “Saratoga’s a place where everybody talks. You’ll know how to end up here if you know the right people.”

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