Troy Baker Producing ‘Troylet’ Cakes In The Shape Of Toilet Paper Rolls

One Collar City baker is looking to wipe away some of your COVID-19 worries. Chef Sue Dunckel of Sweet Sue’s Copper Pot, located in River Street Market, has started making what she’s calling the “Troylet,” a vanilla pound cake that’s shaped like a toilet paper roll, complete with branded “Troylet” wrapping paper (it most closely resembles the tried-and-true Scott brand roll).

For those of you unfamiliar with how the cake got its tongue-in-cheek name, for decades, Troy, which didn’t see its true cultural renaissance until the 2000s, was known around the Capital Region by the pejorative “Troylet,” as in “Troy” + “Toilet.” (It even has its own entry on UrbanDictionary.com.) The name has since been readopted by some local business owners, who’ve used it to ironic effect on products such as bathroom signs and now, baked goods.

What an unwrapped ‘Troylet’ looks like. (Sweet Sue’s Copper Pot)

“We are adapting to difficult times, but there is always a need for sweets and a little levity,” says Dunckel on her website. The cakes cost anywhere from $10 or $25—a “1-ply” version includes two servings, while a “2-ply,” includes four—and are available for pickup or delivery. (To schedule pickup or delivery, contact Dunckel at 518-892-2933 or email her at [email protected].)

Not skipping a beat, Dunckel is “warning” potential customers, “DO NOT HOARD! WE WILL BAKE MORE!”

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