What Would Woody Do: Saying Goodbye To A Friend

Hello from Woody’s Barbershop! Sorry to be away for so long, but it’s been a tough few weeks. To start, let’s reflect on my last post about the Kentucky Derby: Well, I was right on and I bet way more than I should’ve, but over all, the Derby went well for me, and I won $4. Yee-haw! I risked a lot, though, as I’d chosen the 4th-place horse across the board at 85-to-1, but to no avail. The best three won and finished as they should have. Why I didn’t have the superfecta is mostly, because I’m an excellent handicapper, but a horrible bettor, but that’s a whole other article. I’m looking for an upset in the Belmont, and I have three possible winners already, if they run. To get my picks, just stop by the barbershop, and I’ll be glad to share my picks with you.

Next up, I’d like to mention the passing of our great barber, my longtime friend and a loving father and husband, Adam (Fareed). He died suddenly of a massive heart attack and leaves this place to be with G-d, and deservedly so. Adam came from Belgium and gave up his given named, Fareed, in the shop, because he didn’t want people to mistake him for a terrorist—and he just liked how it sounded! He loved America, and he was very thankful to be here. I remember him crying one day as he watched the news about a terror attack in Germany. He was so sad, and didn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt another human being, and that was him in a nutshell. He was all about G-d, love, family and hard work. He worked way harder than any person I’ve ever known, and he was a kind, gentle man, too, who always, regardless of the day, displayed and showed happiness and love to all who surrounded him. I can think of some of the worst-acting human beings who came into the shop as miserable customers—and whom I personally would’ve thrown out in seconds because of their antics—that Adam embraced, forgave and spent more than the usual time to ease their daily suffering (from whatever was causing their poor behavior). They’d leave, not only better looking, but as better people. I don’t know how he did it, but he always remained positive and filled with love, even in those tough times. He’ll be missed terribly, but I promise you, he’ll never be forgotten. Please, if you can afford it, stop by the barbershop and donate some of your hard-earned money to the wife and two kids he’s leaving behind. Sadly, he neither had life insurance, nor any plan for this tragedy. Adam was only 55.

Lastly, it’s time to talk about the upcoming summer and all the happenings and events in our area. Since Adam’s passing, I’ve been all about exercise, diet and the strong desire to get out and do more stuff, especially while I have the health and stamina to do it. Here at saratogaliving.com, we have a full list of upcoming events that you should continue to follow. For me, besides the long list of great concerts at SPAC, the Wine & Food Festival, the Saratoga racing season and the countless number of other events, I most look forward to the opera here in Saratoga this summer. Each year, it somehow gets better and better. Yes, I know, you’re sitting there asking yourself—especially, those of you who think you know me—do barbers really go to the opera? Well, this barber does, and I assure you, if you’ve never been, all you need to do is go once, and you’re almost a sure bet to return again and again. I neither have a clue what the performers are saying most of the time, nor do I desire to, but the acting and singing are entertainment enough for me. I know somewhere in those songs, there’s something about love, and for me these days, love is all I need. G-d bless you, Fareed!

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