Wine Wednesdays With William: Wine In A Can Is Coming To A Store Near You

In the US, the market for wine in cans is worth $15 million and growing, as it is in the UK, and Australia. Last week, Treasury Wine Estates, one of the leading wine producers in the world—which is home to brands such as Beringer, Penfolds, Matua and Blossom Hill—announced six new canned wines for the Australian market. In July, following a successful trial in Canada, another global drinks giant, Pernod Ricard, launched a canned version of Jacob’s Creek Moscato.

Australia’s retailers love the canned wine category. George Radman, Head of Wine at Dan Murphy, the country’s No.1 wine chain, had this to say: “Our customers have embraced wine in a can due to its convenience. It’s now recognized that a can doesn’t mean compromising on quality.”

The Treasury launch follows a three-year study into how consumers shop and why they drink. The researchers discovered that Millennials are much more likely to drink in a bar than they are at home, and their drink of choice is fresh and light. The wines in a can are exactly that: designed to entice Millennials away from that other alcohol that comes in a can: beer. “All of the cans that we’re launching into the market right now are spritzed,” said Treasury’s Kylie Farquahar. “They’re all 250ml serves, 8 percent alcohol and wine.” She goes on to say that the canned wines “are clean and crisp, sessionable, spritzed and chilled. So we believe that this is where opportunity knocks within the wine category.”

Expect to find a number of different canned wine brands in Saratoga Springs soon.

Wine Challenge No.12:
See if you can find the same wine in a can and bottle. Try both. Can you tell the difference?

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