Yaddo, Without Words: An Exclusive Look Inside Saratoga’s Iconic (And Still Mysterious) Artists’ Colony

When I was a kid growing up in Saratoga Springs, I didn’t know much about what went on beyond the public gardens at Yaddo. And I still don’t—though saratoga living Senior Writer Jeff Dingler’s interview with Yaddo’s President Elaina Richardson, and Photographer Kyle Adams’ exclusive, behind-the-scenes gallery of images taken inside the Trask Mansion and on Yaddo’s off-limits grounds help fill in the blanks quite a bit.

The famed Saratoga artists’ retreat has welcomed a panoply of top artistic talent on its grounds throughout the decades, everyone from Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer Aaron Copland to Nobel Prize-winning author Saul Bellow. And now, you get to see where they made their art—and history—happen.

To take a rare tour inside Yaddo’s mansion and on its grounds, click on the above photo.

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