Death Wish Coffee to Open First Retail Store in Saratoga (Updated)

Need some morning joe with a little extra oomph to power through that Saratoga summer project that’s been nagging at you? Now, depending on how close you live to Downtown Saratoga, you could pick up your fix on foot. Death Wish Coffee Company, which opened its flagship headquarters at 260 Broadway in Saratoga last March, will be adding a first-of-its-kind retail store to the building’s lobby area this Friday, July 23.

A grand opening event will take place from 11am-6pm, and will include free cold brew/hot coffee samples, as well as a number of giveaways and raffles. Per a company rep, grand opening day giveaways will include free tote bags (while supplies last) and cookies and cupcakes from Yours Truly Cake Design (while supplies last); as well as branded Koozies, sunglasses, patches, necklaces, comic books, pennants, flags and stickers. Customers will be able to take part in raffles to win exclusive mugs and coffee at the event, too.

“Coming back to where we first originated is the perfect circle,” says Mike Brown, owner and CEO of Death Wish. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our local community. Being able to engage with our customers face-to-face again is special to the entire Death Wish Coffee team. We know their feedback will help us continue to improve. Plus, there is nothing better than hearing firsthand how Death Wish Coffee is helping people get through their day.”

The lobby will serve as the shop and house coffee products, branded mugs, T-shirts, hats, French presses, thermoses and other items. In-store merch exclusives include black and vanilla bean mod mugs, a number of Saratoga-store-only T-shirts, mugs and other merchandise that have sold out online and will only be available in the store thenceforth, and special grand opening T-shirts, in both white and black, as well as grand opening–only red mugs.

“Our goal with the store is to create a museum-like experience that supports the lifestyle of the brand,” says Eric Donovan, vice president of business development. “Our customers are so important to us and we want them to be able to rep our apparel, get access to store exclusives, learn about us as a company and as people, and leave feeling ready to exceed their goals.”

So far this year, Death Wish has launched a medium roast blend and ready-to-drink latte-in-a-can product.

Death Wish was founded in the basement of Broadway’s Saratoga Coffee Traders in 2012, and after winning a national sweepstakes, had the opportunity to run a 30-second advertising spot during Super Bowl 50 in 2016, launching the brand and its sales into the stratosphere.

In Saratoga, Death Wish Coffee can be found at Price Chopper/Market 32, Four Seasons Natural Food Store and Saratoga Coffee Traders, besides the company’s new retail shop.

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