‘Saratoga Living’ Partners With Northway Brewing Co. for Virtual Beer Tasting on February 11

We’re nearly a year into the pandemic, and I think I speak for most Americans when I say we’re bored. Sure, we can go out for dinner, and sure, we all have Netflix on our TVs, but there comes a point when you just need to do something else. Heck, I should know: Yesterday, my day consisted of going out for breakfast at Shirley’s Restaurant (the eggs Benedict was perfect, as always); watching Pixar’s newest movie Soul (very cute); watching Disney’s Miracle on Ice (a classic); losing in Monopoly (the Saratoga Springs edition, of course); watching 2013 Best Picture winner Argo (still as suspenseful as ever); watching part one of HBO Sports documentary Tiger (very engaging); getting Druthers to go (shrimp tacos and a chocolate milkshake); and, last but not least, watching part two of Tiger (also good). Five movies in one day? This is honestly getting ridiculous.

Luckily, I now have something to look forward to. (And no, it’s not the release of Marvel’s Black Widow in 95 days, though, who isn’t excited about that?) On February 11, Saratoga Living is partnering with Queensbury-based Northway Brewing Co. for an at-home beer-tasting extravaganza, featuring five of Northway’s brews, plus yummy goodies from four of the brewery’s local partners. Here’s how it works: You buy your tasting kit, which will give you enough food and drink for one or two people, here, and choose pick-up or delivery at checkout ($10 extra; must live in Capital Region). Pick-ups can be made February 10 or 11 at Northway Brewing in Queensbury, Cooperstown Distillery Beverage Exchange in Saratoga Springs and the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce in Hudson.

So, what exactly will you be getting in your kit? Two cans each of four inventive Northway beers, each of which have been brewed in partnership with local artisans. First up are Oat-bituary and Pale Bearer, two totally different brews made with Saratoga’s own Death Wish Coffee. Oat-bituary is an oatmeal stout, made with vanilla and cocoa nibs, while Pale Bearer is a hazy IPA featuring fruit, vanilla and oak notes. You’ll also get two cans of Death Wish’s cold brew, but if you want to sleep that night, it may be best to save them for the morning. Next is Northway’s Barkeater Chocolate Cherry Stout, a rich, chocolatey milk stout brewed with lactose and conditioned with vanilla beans, cherry and chocolate from North Creek’s Barkeater Chocolate. You’ll want to try that one while nibbling on the Cherry Chic chocolate bar in your kit. You’ll also get a pair of cans of Cadillac Dreams, a tart ale that uses yogurt from Argyle Cheese Farmer as a souring agent. Yogurt doesn’t exactly pair nicely with beer, so in your kit you’ll find a block of Argyle Cheese Farmer’s Glory, which also is made with yogurt.

The first 12 at-home beer tasting kits sold will come with a Mini Triple-Play from Cooperstown Distilling Beverage Exchange.

But wait, there’s more! Each kit will come with a growler of Lunch Break, a French Saison that has been aged in rye whiskey barrels from Cooperstown Distilling, plus mini-bottles of whisky from the distillery, which opened a beverage exchange in Downtown Saratoga this past December. The first 12 kits sold will come with Cooperstown’s Mini Triple Play 3-Pack, which features baseball-shaped bottles of whiskey, bourbon and vodka. Then, wash down all that beer with a baguette from Putnam Market, available only for customers who pick up their kit on the day of the tasting.

Once you have your kit, tune in on Zoom (we’ll send you a link) at 7pm on February 11. There you’ll meet Max, Northway’s general manager, and Joe, the brewmaster. They’ll give a tour of the brewery, and then walk you through the process of how each of the beers you’re sampling was made. Human interaction? Supporting local businesses Learning?! Who knew all this was possible in such cold, lonely times? I’ll “see” you there.

Click here to buy your kit now.

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