Saratogian-Founded Wellness Brand Golde Launches New Coconut Collagen Boost Product

Everybody can welcome coconuts back to Saratoga—and no, we’re not talking about the long-gone Broadway record shop. Saratoga Springs natives and entrepreneurs, Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori, cofounders of superfood/wellness brand Golde, have launched their fifth new product of 2021, Coconut Collagen Boost. The vegan beauty-boosting powder pairs bamboo extract with coconut to support the natural production of collagen and promote hair, skin and nail health.

“As a superfood-powered company, we were inspired to make a wellness product that used the power of plants to boost hair, skin and nail health,” says Wofford. “Coconut Collagen Boost is a 100 percent vegan-friendly way to boost your body’s collagen levels, and it tastes amazing. ”

Coconut Collagen Boost, which is also naturally sugar free, is comprised of coconut milk, bamboo extract, hyaluronic acid, biotin and natural vanilla flavor. The key there, besides the coconut, is the bamboo extract, which is a proven superfood collagen builder.

Golde cofounders Trinity Mouzon Wofford and fiancé Issey Kobori. (Hannah Kuznia)

Despite customers being able to buy Golde’s other products, which include matcha and turmeric powder blends, among others, in Target stores throughout the country, the brand-new product is only available on Golde’s website at the moment. (Interested parties can pick up Golde’s other lines either on its site or at Target’s Clifton Park branch.)

Wofford and Kobori cofounded Golde in Brooklyn in 2017, to offer customers affordable, accessible health-forward products, and during the pandemic, moved back to the Saratoga area, where they’ve been ever since. Since its launch, Golde’s superfood lines have been available everywhere from Sephora and Nordstrom to Urban Outfitters and the aforementioned Target.

Interested in a little more bang for your buck? Try this creamy collagen latte recipe below:

2 shots espresso
Dash of sweetener (agave)
1 tbs Coconut Collagen Boost
8 ounces of milk of choice

Pour one tablespoon of Coconut Collagen Boost and a dash of sweetener into two shots of espresso. Whisk it together. Pour the mixture over ice and add eight ounces of your milk
of choice. Stir it up and enjoy!


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