Where to Order the Greatest, Tastiest Super Bowl Sunday Dinner Ever in Saratoga Springs

Even if you’re a Buffalo Bills fan, you’re probably still going to be watching this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7, just to root against the Kansas City Chiefs, whom you now roundly detest. But there’s a bit of a dilemma in doing that: If you’re instead cheering for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—the first football team ever to play the Super Bowl at its home stadium—you’ll, in essence, be doing so for its ageless wonder of a quarterback, Tom Brady, who your team fought mercilessly against during his years with the New England Patriots, which shares a division with the Bills.

Either way, we’re guessing that you’ll be watching, as will nearly 100 million others (no, we didn’t make those data up).

Above all, watching the big game, year in and year out, is about having an excuse to gorge ourselves on all the wondrous foods that can be delivered to our doorsteps via phone call or app. (Even more so now, during COVID.) We wanted to put together the ultimate Super Bowl takeout guide for Saratoga—where to get the best of everything. Here’s what we came up with.


One of Saratoga Grazing Co.’s jam-packed charcuterie boards. (Saratoga Grazing Co./Facebook)

Charcuterie Plates
If you’re not familiar with the Saratoga Grazing Co., you should be: The small, locally owned business creates charcuterie boards, complete with meats, cheeses, dried fruit and crackers, for parties of two to 15. Since this falls into the category of “appetizers,” you’ll want to have one of these bad boys on your living room table at around, say, 2pm, in time to catch Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl and then fan out from there. Order here.

There are a lot of options for Mexican food in Saratoga, but our favorite, at least on the nacho front, has always been Cantina, which has the best tortilla chips in town, and hence, the best base for the messiest, most delicious nachos. Their nachos include chicken tinga, sliced jalapeño, monterey jack cheese, queso blanco, queso fundido, salsa verde, pico de gallo and cilantro. Make it a double order here.

Mozzarella Sticks
We’ve been eating ooey-gooey cheese sticks throughout the Capital Region for years, but the place to get ’em in Saratoga has got to be the Olde Bryan Inn, where its sticks are served with a side of either marinara or the Upstate New York–only stick dipper, raspberry sauce. (Hey, if you want to fill out your order a bit, the OBI also has some of the best wings in town, as well as a mean French onion soup.) Order here.

The Whole Shebang
Can’t choose just one? Go for Druthers‘ $75 Big Game Party Pack, complete with a whole slew of appetizer faves: beer cheese dip and pretzels, monkey bread, wings, loaded mac & cheese, buffalo chicken pizza and two growlers of draft beer.


An assortment of sub-lettes from Fat Paulie’s Delicatessen. (Fat Paulie’s/Facebook)

Ever since Saratoga Living broke the news back in November of 2019 about a new Saratoga deli, Fat Paulie’s, touching down in town, we’ve enjoyed all about its amazing meats, deli sandwiches and heroes. The deli also has a catering menu, on which you can grab three- or four-foot-long subs that can feed 15-20 and 25-30 people, respectively. Obviously, with COVID in play and home Super Bowl viewings down to family and maybe a friend or two, this might not be the best option—but then again, you could split a four-footer with your neighbors and eat meaty sandwiches in your home office for lunch for the rest of the month. Order here.

We’d be remiss not to include Roma Imports on this list, too, as the Italian deli has had its sandwich/wrap game in the end zone for decades. You won’t get any flags thrown in your general direction for ordering subs from both Fat Paulie’s and Roma, too. Order here.

Again, there are tons of wing options in the Spa City, but the best option for a Super Bowl Sunday watch party has to be Spring Street Deli’s wings-stravaganza. Grab orders of 36 ($35), 48 ($45), 60 ($56) or just have yourself a wing-eating contest with your significant other, with the deli’s 100-wing deal ($71). The deli offers mild, medium, hot, atomic, BBQ, Cajun, honey BBQ, hot BBQ and teriyaki options. Order here.

Man, it’s so hard to pick just one spot, and that’s why we’re wussing out and going with multiple options. Try the apostrophe “s” set that is Marino’s, Mama Mia’s, Pope’s, Gennaro’s and D’Andrea’s, or if you’re looking for something a little more on the junky-healthy side, go with a pie from 9 Miles East. Whitman Brewing is also offering pies for the big game, which come with buffalo chicken dip and crackers, carrot hummus and pita chips, Korean chicken wings and three crowlers of beer, for $90.

Where can you get “New York State Fair” chicken, Texas beef brisket, racks of ribs and pulled pork, all with homemade sides? At PJ’s Bar-B-QSA, that’s where. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday than with a heaping pile of delicious meat. Order any number of combos here.

Thinking about a healthy dinner option—but not too healthy. Order in from the best all-you-can-eat sushi spot in Saratoga, Wasabi. OK, so the menu doesn’t have a Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes roll on it, but you can just rename the special Crown Maki roll for your guests (or yourself). Order here.


Taquero’s latest mini doughnut flavor, Andes Mint Chocolate. (Taquero/Facebook)

Saratoga’s Taquero has a bunch of great taco options, but really, what you’re here for, at least for this category, is the mini doughnuts. You can grab six per order, though, we’re sure the chefs there will be happy to hook you up with a lot more for a custom order (though the “fine print” on the website does say you can only order a half dozen in a single flavor, of which there are eight, including Fruity Pebbles and Maple Bacon). Order here.

Or, if you’re looking for full-sized (doughnut) fare, make sure to place an advanced, specialty order at Darling Doughnuts, which this week has flavors such as Galaxy Glazed, Raspberry Bar and Churro on tap. Order here.

Ice Cream
Yeah, yeah, yeah…it’s the middle of the damn winter. But everybody who’s anybody knows that the best place in town to grab an ice cream sundae (or solo pint, i.e. the type you finish in one sitting, whilst watching your favorite football team get crushed) all season long is Stewart’s. Yes, you have to actually go in and buy it there, but there are Stewart’s everywhere. Go at halftime.

If you’re craving fistfuls of candy, might we suggest Saratoga Candy Co.’s Snack Attack Adult Style, which is filled with a half-pound box of chocolates, a half pound of Swedish Fish, a quarter pound of chocolate pretzels, as well as a number of other delicious candies, fruit, cookies and even trail mix. ‘Cause, hey, watching the Super Bowl is kind of like a journey.


The Night Owl
One of the Night Owl’s to-go cocktail options. (The Night Owl/Facebook)

The Night Owl in Saratoga (yes, the club!) is still doing a brisk to-go cocktail business, and there’s a lot to choose from such as the Jamaican Paloma (Jamaican overproof rum, grapefruit cordial, fresh lime), which serves six; Spicy Boozy Hot Chocolate (Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, Valrhona Dark Chocolate, sugar, cream), which serves five; and the Dr. Pepper Old Fashioned (blended Scotch whiskey, Dr. Pepper reduction, Amaro bitters, lemon peel), which serves six or more. Order here.

Saratoga Springs is home to not one, not two, not three, but four breweries, all of which will have takeout brews available for game day. Grab a four-pack of Apple-Cranberry Kolsch from Druthers, Flow State NEIPA from Whitman Brewing, Racing City Lager from Racing City Brewing or Warheads Extreme Sour Ale from Artisanal Brew Works (or one of each!). Check out small bar and bottle shop Pint Sized, which offers in-store pickup and delivery, for a wider selection of regional suds. And then, if you’re still in the beer-drinking mood after Sunday, be sure to get tickets to Saratoga Living‘s at-home beer tasting with Northway Brewing Co. on Thursday, February 11.

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